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Full Version: Commercial Template Availablility
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I am at a crossraods - I need to use Opencart for a project but I'm stuck between your OC version and the official v2.2.

Based on what I have read on your website here, I think I'd rather use yours.

Only thing is I didn't fancy having to create a full custom template myself, so I was wondering if you know if commercial templates are compatible with your OC version?

For example, if I find a template on Themeforest that works with v1.5.6 should it work with your overclocked version?

Thanks for your time
I have the same question....
No, OpenCart v1.5.6.x templates will not work work out-of-the-box with Overclocked Edition (or NivoCart).

I would still recommend NivoCart over OpenCart though ...