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  Search by Products' Tags Fix
Posted by: Sp1ke - 06-15-2018, 07:51 PM - Forum: Free Contributions - No Replies

There is an issue when searching by tags. 
Let's say that you have a two words tag (word1, word2) - when click on it you goto to search page with this URL:
the result is that the search shows all the products that have this tag but also all products that contain any of the two words. Which is not 100% right.

That is why I build the vqmod file to solve the issue. It works both for the Tags module and for the tags link(s) in product pages. You may download and use this one for free. Note that this is tested only in ver 1.11.0. 

I just want to make clear two things:
1. It returns the right results BUT is not showing the tags in the search input box ("Search for" input shows nothing).
2. Remarks or questions are welcome but please keep in mind that I am not a professional programmer...just helping a friend with her company website.

Attached Files
.zip   tagssearchlink.zip (Size: 561 bytes / Downloads: 0)
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  Search by Product Tag Bug
Posted by: Sp1ke - 06-13-2018, 09:09 PM - Forum: Bug Reports - Replies (4)

In frontend product displaying page ver. 1.11.0. 
I have a tag with four words, let's say:
word1 word2 word3 word4. When I click on the tag I goto search page with this URL part:

because of the search term: 
I get 15 results - for any product that contains even one of the 4 words.
If i manually change the URL and make it:
I get the right results - the 2 products that are using this tag.

I had a look in file:
and I saw that in line 859 has an if statement:
if ($product_info['tag']) {
inside the if statement the right link call is written. Line 867:
'href' => $this->url->link('product/search', 'search=' . $tag . '&tag=' . $tag, 'SSL')
but something make it not appear (or change it later) in the actual link reference at the frontend.

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  Auto expand description and related products
Posted by: davidb - 06-13-2018, 08:43 PM - Forum: New Feature Requests - Replies (4)

With the new update the product tabs are closed by default.

Is it possible to enable it then when you view a product that the Description is already expanded and also Related Products is expanded as well. 

Also how easy would it be to change the order so the review tab is at the bottom?

Many thanks

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  Icons below products
Posted by: davidb - 06-13-2018, 08:31 PM - Forum: Bug Reports - No Replies

Hi again

I'm testing on a test shop upgraded from 1.8.4 to 1.11, currently testing on the Beta version but I had noticed this bug before using the release version. I wasn't sure it was a bug but I've just looked at the demo shop.

On Safari there are no icons showing at all below the product. Chrome shows a square outline and Firefox shows a square outline with 4 characters inside it -  see below ( I zoomed the window as I could see something inside the square but I was not sure what it was).


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  Frontend search returns No results - Fix
Posted by: Sp1ke - 06-10-2018, 08:09 PM - Forum: Bug Reports - Replies (2)

Search returns no results at "index.php?route=product/search" (frontend).

Open "catalog\view\theme\default\template\product\search.tpl"

Line 161 (omit the quotes): 
"var search = $('#content input[name=\'search\']').attr('value');"
Change to (omit the quotes):
"var search = $('#content input[name=\'search\']').prop('value');"

Line 170 (omit the quotes):
"var category_id = $('#content select[name=\'category_id\']').attr('value');"
Change to (omit the quotes):
"var category_id = $('#content select[name=\'category_id\']').prop('value');"

And the issue is fixed...

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  Main Image Label
Posted by: davidb - 06-10-2018, 02:59 PM - Forum: Bug Reports - Replies (8)

I'm testing the 1.11 update before applying to our live shop and I've just tried to add an image into this field and I'm sure it is doing what it did in a previous update. As soon as you add an image the product image is squashed vertically. I will try and find the original discussion/cure but I thought this would have been added into the latest code.


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  Admin filter not working
Posted by: Sp1ke - 06-08-2018, 10:41 AM - Forum: Bug Reports - Replies (2)


Testing version 1.11.0 and found out that the filter is not working in administration for Categories and Products. It seems that returns No Results. I also tested on the demo admin page and still returns No Results.

(Later update...)

I just notice this:
Try to search in demo admin site products with Name: ipod. The returning search page URL is: 'http://demo.villagedefrance.net/admin/index.php?route=catalog/product&token=33e9c0112bb8aa27a5f05504eb453096&filter_status=undefined'
And No Results message appears on the list.

I manually changed the URL with that: 'http://demo.villagedefrance.net/admin/index.php?route=catalog/product&token=33e9c0112bb8aa27a5f05504eb453096&filter_name=ipod'
And BINGO! the ipod products appears on the list.
So something on the code returns filter_status as 'undefined'. Can be checked why is this happening?

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  Extensions Update
Posted by: Tango - 06-05-2018, 03:48 PM - Forum: Extensions and Modules - No Replies

Please note that with the release of OpenCart Overclocked v1.11.x, the majority of Themes and Extensions in the Marketplace, stopped working and need an update.

This needs to get fixed as v1.11.x is the way forward.


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  Customer groups and Mail
Posted by: Xav - 05-30-2018, 03:59 PM - Forum: New Feature Requests - Replies (1)

I don't know if I am just missing it or if there is already a way of doing it, but I would like to be able to use the built in Mail system and user groups in the following way:-
1. Customers to have the ability to belong to more than 1 customer group at a time.

2. Mail system let you select which group you wish to email
This would allow targeted emails to customers of those individual groups by a predefined parameter, because I can see no way of selecting subsets of customers at the moment without removing them from the overall customer base into a subset of that base. 
For instance, you sell red and white wines. So 3 groups, default, red, white. Means you can send email to all customers or just specific tastes.  


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  OCE 1.11.0 release - problem
Posted by: Xav - 05-23-2018, 07:10 PM - Forum: Bug Reports - Replies (3)

Today I tried to upgrade the 1.10.2 with the gold release of 1.11.0
Usually these upgrades go like a dream but today I have had problems.  When it was completed, I went to the dashboard but could not log in.  I got a "Permission denied" message.  I noted that  of the 5 icons on the top line (logout, clock, storefront, system details, admin pic - only the admin picture was displaying. But if I clicked on the position of the others, they worked. A bit of clicking later and I could log in.  I then up updated the user groups and it all looked OK.

Then I clicked on the storefront icon to view the store and got

Fatal error: Call to a member function isLogged() on null in /home/********/public_html/admin/controller/common/header.php on line 228    (******* = domain name which displayed properly).

So I cannot see the store front.   I shall restore to the 1.10.2 version and see what happens. (Update = reverted via backups and all is well)

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