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Tag Cloud Module - Xav - 03-25-2018

I downloaded and installed the beta as an upgrade on a test site. No problems.  However, I discovered that the Tag Cloud Module was enabled by default after the home page displayed this message

" Notice: Undefined variable: text_notags in /home/........./public_html/catalog/view/theme/default/template/module/tagcloud.tpl on line 17 "

I had no tags and the immediate solution to get rid of the message was to disable the module. Obviously if tags are created the message does not appear.

RE: Tag Cloud Module - Tango - 03-26-2018

Xav, I suggest you also post the bug reports on GitHub, as it's easier for us to track, test and fix.


RE: Tag Cloud Module - villagedefrance - 03-26-2018

Thanks Xav.

I've just committed a fix for it.
I recently changed this language definition and forgot to update it in the template file.
Thank you for reporting it and sorry for the trouble.