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Icons below products
I've just been through the whole upgrade process which seem to go alright but all of the icons are not showing (Safari)/appear as squares with numbers and letter inside (Firefox, as above) / Blank squares (Chrome)

I have removed all added upgrades, disable all the VQMods but it still appears as was. I even restored to the original then went through the upgrade to 10.2 but again the icons are not here or are corrupted.

I desperately need this upgrade to work so I can use my SSL certificate as I understand there are SSL problems with 1.8.4, you can't even log onto your account if SSL is enabled (all configs are correct with https) it just appears to go around in a circle and the fields for username and password are unsecure.

I can't test the full upgrade as I only have 1 certificate tied to the main domain.

Any thought/help advice would be gratefully received.

In the meantime I am going to try out the upgrade on another domain to see if I can sort out the icon side of the upgrade but I can't test the SSL side.

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