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Wonder RuneScape would be now
I wonder where RuneScape would be today if jagex had never eliminated trade. That really hurt Runescape game. Without these 3 changed Best OSRS Gold Site, RS would most likely be the most popular MMO in the planet still today.Without removing free trade, RS likely would have died. Credit card companies were close to banning Jagex because there were numerous illegal charges.There were certainly other options. Andrew Gower himself stated that if he could go back in time, he'd have never made that call, which it is his regret in regards to Runescape game. There were other methods to solve it.

I think people underestimate how important EoC is, and was to a lesser extent, its own implementation was but Runescape game would be trash with no. Extremely happy it came, remained, and can be worked on to a degree.Why is it significant? It pushed away a large chunk of the Runescape playerbase. Because battle was not updated no one was leaving, since it was but tons left. It is one big reason OSRS is indeed successful (even moreso than EoC nowadays ), because they essentially nullified each of the terrible changes which were produced from 2007 onward.

Since Runescape game was already stagnating and we would not have any of those pvm experiences that exist today without it. It pushed Runescape players off because it was implemented and took some time to bring up to snuff, in which time people had given up on Runescape game before old school came about. Runescape may be less popular than older school, but it's a much better match because of EoC, and it would go to zero with no.

Since your seem like someone who enjoys eoc I wish to run an idea. (In my opinion eoc feels like talent spam( particularly pre revo). Starting from pre eoc, suppose rather than making it skill junk there was a bigger quantity of skills and they acted as nutritional supplements to your next strike, keeping attack speed (likely make defensive instant but delay your attack such as eating). I am thinking perhaps maintain thresholds, and adrenaline but not all the abilities that are fundamental but I'm not sure what was really needed for all those supervisors.

This may let the utility and harm abilities are added by them Runescape players will need for bossing, but would keep more of their classic rs feel while being less disruptive to the community. Genuinely wish to know whether you can see problems with that, I play RS3 AND buy rs gold paypal but I don't do high level so I'm essentially asking for a sanity check if you know or do the directors that need eoc bossing.

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