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Tips To Make Yourself A Pro Traveler With Southwest Airlines.
Southwest Reservations is one of the best airlines in The United States that offers a lot to its customers as compared to other popular airlines. Which includes the cheapest flights, early bird check-in option, free baggage allowance, and no flight change or cancellation fees. Here we are going to talk about 10 best tips that you should know before flying Southwest flights and this will help you a lot to save more.

Get the Southwest Flights companion pass This is a special pass that allows a companion to fly for free with you for up to two whole calendar years. You can change the companion up to three times per year. Now, in order to earn the companion pass, you're going to need one hundred qualifying flights or one hundred and ten thousand rapid rewards earned in a calendar year. Earning 110,000 rapid rewards may sound like a lot, but it's actually extremely easy. 

Find the best Southwest Reservations Phone credit card offers. We've seen offers ranging from twenty-five thousand points to sixty thousand points for these cards, which is a wide and drastic difference. So the key is to find the best offers so that you can earn rapid rewards and earn the companion' pass very quickly. Because remember, it's good for two whole calendar years so you want to earn the pass as early in the year as possible. Now chase did just make it a little bit harder to get because you can no longer get two personal Southwest credit cards. However, you can still get one personal and one business credit card.

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