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New website design
Www:// just had a makeover!

The goal was to freshen-up the general appearance to make it more attractive and contemporary. The horizontal menu and buttons are less rounded than before, the footer has been completely re-designed to match the top menu. Text colours have been enhanced to improve visibility and the FontAwesome library has been applied in the member's account pages. A lot of work has also been going on behind the scene to make the site more responsive and user friendly.

I hope you like it!

If I missed anything please feel free to comment below.
OpenCart Overclocked Edition Lead developer
Missing: A developer entry like this one with commission percentage.
Good point.

I'm going to add one right now.

Thank you for the suggestion.
OpenCart Overclocked Edition Lead developer
The new FAQ's page is now live!

I also updated the Member's account pages with a fresher colourful look.
The new registration form is much simpler and doesn't require the Company, the Address or the Telephone anymore. These entries are still present behind the scene but are only needed for the new Partner Members. Mentioning it, the Partner registrations are now open for those who would like to promote OCE further.
OpenCart Overclocked Edition Lead developer
Website looks great. Very intuitive and nicely done.

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