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One Page Checkout question /mod
I am trying to get the page to show the correct Shipping for the Country selected.  Currently if the user has already logged in then the page should reflect the Shipping for that country? but it always defaults to the UK and only changes after CONTINUE is clicked.  Also I would like to update the Shipping once a user has selected their country.

I am currently using 1.8.4 so has this been updated in newer versions?

If not does anybody know how to modify it so it works as above.

Thank you.
I did fix that issue in version 1.10.0 and above, by improving the javascript and adding a refresh button.
OpenCart Overclocked Edition Lead developer
Hi Philippe

Happy New Year

I downloaded the latest version to try and saw that this had been updated which is wonderful and probably by itself a good enough reason to upgrade.

Minor problem,  if you are already logged in from another country it still shows the UK shipping rather than the country that belongs to the current user so that doesn't get flagged up till the user has clicked continue as previously happened.

I'm also currently investigating if I can get it to auto refresh when the country is changed rather than the manual refresh option but that is just me tweaking.

I'm currently looking around the latest version and you've done a wonderful job. It looks as though I will have to grab the bull by the horns, make sure I've backed everything up and upgrade!
I have always found the upgrade path in OCE to be painless - a great job done by the devekoper(s), especially as I have some legacy extensions  e.g to run my shipping prices based on postcode.

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