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The Menu Manager
Hi everyone,

I just wanted to say a few things about the Menu Manager in OCE, how great an flexible it is.

The Menu Manager in OCE allows you to custom build an unlimited number of menus for your shop.
Not only you can have one or more different menus on every page but you can also use a different Menu Module for each one! We will come to the Menu Modules in a second, but first I need to explain a bit more about the manager itself.

The Menu Manager:
It is a stand-alone feature in OCE. It allows you to construct multiple lists of entries with or without links, internal or external, with an unlimited number of sub-categories (children).
As opposed to OpenCart, the menu does not automatically display all the Categories, which is a limitation in my view. In OCE you have to build it by choosing what you want to show in it. Total freedom but a bit more work. That means that if you add more categories to your store, they will not show automatically. You will have to go in the Menu Manager and add a new entry in your custom menu in order to display it.

The Menu Modules:
There are 2 Menu Modules by default in OCE, the Menu Horizontal and the Menu Vertical. They are stand-alone modules that feed from the menu lists created in the Menu Manager and display them using their own style (CSS 3) and optionally jQuery/Javascript. I made these two menus as default examples. They are LTR and RTL ready and have two themes, light or dark (matching the Custom Footer) and can also use 30+ basic colours too.

The choice of Menu Modules is not limited in anyway!

You can make your own Menu Module with your own colours, styles and scripts. It can be anything, horizontal, vertical, ticker, dots, carousel ... anything! Which ever module you choose it simply needs to get the data from the Menu Manager. Et voila!

I believe that these custom features makes OCE better than the rest and gives developers and website owners the tools to make their shop standout.

If you have any questions about the Menu System in OCE, feel free to post below.

Thank you for reading.
OpenCart Overclocked Edition Lead developer
Thank you for this, it is most helpful as an aide-memoire.  If it were possible, a quick example from scratch of its use would be helpful. Very often I understand things better by seeing a worked example. Perhaps in a YouTube video?  Many thanks.

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