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What Should You Consider When Buying Angular Contact Thin Section Bearings?
[Image: 01-16.jpg]

This bearing are traditionally designed for application where there are higher axial loads and thrust. It is very important to note that the angular contact thin section bearings should only be used when the loads are in the same direction. If they are in the opposite, or reverse, direction then this bearings should never be used by themselves.

Bearings can also be further broken down into single-row and double-row angular contact thin section bearings. What this essentially means is that with single-row angular bearings, there is a high capacity for axial loads and thrusts only in one direction. The difference with a double-row angular beating, there is the ability to have a high thrust capacity in both directions.

When considering whether to buy angular contact thin section bearings you should always try to speak to a bearing expert or to do your research online. There is a wealth of free information and research online - a quick Google search for angular contact bearings shows almost four million results!

If you are going to speak to a bearings company, always try to find a reputable company. The best way to do is to research through a number of websites until you find a company, which you consider to be professional. Browse through their website and understand the different types of angular contact bearings which are available. Often, many websites will actually have ratings next to each of their products which shows how previous customers have rated individual products.

Have a look at the testimonials or reviews section of their website. This is usually a great place for you to find out more information about the company, and their previous dealings with clients. Ideally, you would prefer to find only positive reviews about a company, but also be aware that sometimes there may be a few negative reviews. This is part of business, and should not necessarily be a determining factor.

If possible, ask the company if you can have some direct contact references. Essentially this is the contact details of a number of previous clients who would be happy to discuss their experiences with you. This can be invaluable and really provide you with important information about how the company has dealt with previous clients.

One of the main factors in choosing a company should always be their experience within the industry - in this case, the bearings industry. A company which has been established for a significant period of time and has a reputation as one of the market leaders is likely to be a far better fit than a newer, less established company. You can also find company reviews on Google, or other search engines - so take the time to properly the market and the chosen company.

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