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Contents of abandoned carts
Can anyone tell me if it is possible to find what was in abandoned carts from the site logs or do I need other software?  I have Piwik/Matomo installed - could this be set up to do this and if so, how please?

I did have software that would do this on Opencart 1.5.x but it does not work  with OCE (unfortunately as I really liked it).

Many thanks.

Hi Xav,

I don't think Matomo can help you with abandoned carts.

Is your software licensed or opensource?
If it is opensource, I might be able to integrate it in OCE.
If not, I can try to do this from scratch ... possibly.

This would be a good feature to add. Thanks for mentioning it.
OpenCart Overclocked Edition Lead developer
It is licensed. Called VTracker

I have now added an "Abandoned Cart" feature in the core.
Maybe you would like to test it, compare it against your current licensed version, and tell me if the OCE version is good enough or if it can be improved.

I have also added a new Wishlist report that you might want to have a look at.

Thank you for your input.
OpenCart Overclocked Edition Lead developer
Thank you for this. I like the generated email :-) I think it will be very useful, even if only to get people to inform a seller of a problem with the system - I know people do not inform a seller if there is a problem, they just go away. I know this because it has happened to me - and it is very often user error or misunderstanding rather than a fault in the software.

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