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MySQL Storage Engines
Recently I've done a little research regarding improving the performance of OpenCart and I've stumbled upon some discussions about the database storage engines InnoDB and MyISAM.

Reading through all the posts, I've noticed that InnoDB is preferred as the default DB engine as it's faster and way more reliable (transactions support).

And taking into consideration that InnoDB is the default storage engine in MySQL 5.7, this says a lot about it's importance.

I know that OpenCart-Overclocked supports InnoDB, but only if you use the database conversion tool.
So in my opinion, InnoDB should be the default option for obvious reasons (also, adding indexes to all foreign keys).

Here are the discussions: (InnoDB supports full text indexing since MySQL 5.6) (people report good performance improvements) (it may have bugs and needs some more optimizations)

What do you think?
I am aware of that and this is why I made the database conversion tool.

I am not planning of changing MyIsam to InnoDB in OCE core for now. The option is there if people want to use it, but right now I have to much to do to get to the next release. My priority is to prepare v1.11.0 for release and this is not on my list of jobs ... maybe in a future release.
OpenCart Overclocked Edition Lead developer

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