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Call to Action!
As you can see, OpenCart-Overclocked recently had a few (hundred) updates to most of its core features.

Although I did my best to help Philippe in checking everything, before the release of 1.11.0, it's very important that together, we thoroughly test the following essential systems:
  • Export / Import
  • VQmods
  • Payment Systems
  • OpenBay Pro
  • ...
To do this, you have to download the latest version (almost production ready) from GitHub, install it and start reporting any issues you may encounter.

Happy bug hunting!
OCE Version 1.11.0 is almost at the Release Candidate stage and deep testing is required more than ever.
Many new exciting features have been added and the entire code has been thoroughly cleaned and validated with Codacy and SensioLab Insight.

With the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into play this year, we had to introduce new account tools for customers and administrator. The Administration side also had a revamp to increase security, with a new login page, strengthened user permissions and a new user log to better track user activities.

OCE v1.11.0 is being tested under PHP 7.2.1 environment, which is a major step forward from PHP 5.6.x and has seen many legacy PHP functions being deprecated.

For all these reasons, your help is very much appreciated so we can offer a near perfect release soon!

A huge thank you to Tango for is dedication, is suggestions and the thorough bug testing.
I had to swallow my pride a few times but that's alright as it was all worth it in the end.

Now it is your turn guys!
Please unleash your feedback!
OpenCart Overclocked Edition Lead developer
I think it's time to perform a code freeze, and stop adding features/updates, that may break stuff (Ref - maybe this should be updated in a future version).

Only tests and bug fixes (Offers System, responsiveness, performance etc.) should be relevant now.

The latest version of Overclocked Edition has been at the Release Candidate stage for over a week now.

The final release v1.11.0 is imminent!

Please report any last minutes bugs and other glitches promptly so they can be fixed before the release.

Thank you!
OpenCart Overclocked Edition Lead developer
So far so good.
Everything seems to be working fine, except for the Offers System.
We need to find a way to fix its logic.

After this gets fixed, I think it's safe to push the final release.


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