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Opencart Overclocked Edition latest code is available at anytime.

Github Repository:

As the code evolves all the time, try to stick preferably to the published Releases as this can be easier to manage if you require support later on.

BETA and RC (Release Candidate) versions are suitable only for testing and developping.
Feel free to download them but I wouldn't recommend them for production use.

You can contribute to the project by Watching it, Starring it or Forking it.

If you find bugs or typos do not hesitate to open a new issue.

If you have made an improvement to the code, you can also submit a pull-request.

Not all issues can be fixed and not all pull-requests can be accepted, but all will be verified and not ignored.

Being a Community project means everybody can be part of it, so don't hold back!
OpenCart Overclocked Edition Lead developer

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