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Customer groups and Mail
I don't know if I am just missing it or if there is already a way of doing it, but I would like to be able to use the built in Mail system and user groups in the following way:-
1. Customers to have the ability to belong to more than 1 customer group at a time.

2. Mail system let you select which group you wish to email
This would allow targeted emails to customers of those individual groups by a predefined parameter, because I can see no way of selecting subsets of customers at the moment without removing them from the overall customer base into a subset of that base. 
For instance, you sell red and white wines. So 3 groups, default, red, white. Means you can send email to all customers or just specific tastes.  

Hi Xav,

Right now customers can only belong to one customer group, ... and the current mail system doesn't properly take customer groups into account either.

The latest version, v1.11.0, has been updated at many levels but the mailing system has been overlooked slightly and will need a bit of a re-think to make it better. I am going to make this a priority for the next release.

Thank you for your feedback on this.
OpenCart Overclocked Edition Lead developer

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