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Search by Products' Tags Fix
There is an issue when searching by tags. 
Let's say that you have a two words tag (word1, word2) - when click on it you goto to search page with this URL:
the result is that the search shows all the products that have this tag but also all products that contain any of the two words. Which is not 100% right.

That is why I build the vqmod file to solve the issue. It works both for the Tags module and for the tags link(s) in product pages. You may download and use this one for free. Note that this is tested only in ver 1.11.0. 

I just want to make clear two things:
1. It returns the right results BUT is not showing the tags in the search input box ("Search for" input shows nothing).
2. Remarks or questions are welcome but please keep in mind that I am not a professional programmer...just helping a friend with her company website.

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