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Found some errors?
I found some errors while i tried to install the new version of this software on my system.Errors come during the installation of he software.The problem is that the  installation process not starting automatically.Then i visited best writing service to know more about this problem.Errors shows that cab't continue the installation process.I couldn't recognize the reason for this error message.How to fix this problem?

I think it is your server timeout setting.
The upgrade process, in order to be thorough, rewrites all the database tables, all 169 of them. This takes time and some servers will not allow this.
In some rare occasions, the web host might interpret this as an SQL injection attack and block the update.

Check the "php.ini" file at your server. The "max_execution_time" should at least 36000. Like this:
max_execution_time = 36000;

I hope this helps.
OpenCart Overclocked Edition Lead developer
Don't need to panic dear the problem you face is common now try to update your system requirement do the whole procedure once again and try to switch off your wifi device. In past, we have been faced often time these bugs messages in our system of EssayDoneUK but after following all these steps with firmly we have gotten a soothing solution and easily install this software.
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