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Overclocked going forward ...
Hi guys, I have just released v1.11.1.

Regarding promoting it,
Yes, I think OCE is the richest, cleanest, fastest and the easiest of all OC versions.
Yes, I also think more extensions and translations are needed.

But ultimately what we need is a new name and a new portal to promote it.

I think the time has come to move away from OpenCart (and OpenBay) and make OCE our own.

I've been thinking a lot recently about the best way forward, and came-up with the following concepts:

Concept 1:
Shopping Cart core (like now), strip down OpenBay, and rename the project. That's the easiest.

Concept 2:
CMS core with optional packages like "Shopping Cart", "Point of Sale (POS)", "Portal" or "Downloads", and rename it. Much more complicated but possible.

Which ever way we decide to go, I think we should aim at tablet users while keeping the code 100% self-contained (without online dependencies).

Tell us what you think.
OpenCart Overclocked Edition Lead developer
Concept 1 + a blog extension
As per my comment here, I would go with Concept 1 + the following additions:
  1. Core
    - Performance: convert the entire DB to InnoDB and use it by default (make it possible for huge stores to run smoothly)
    - Better support for PHP 7.0, 7.1 and 7.2 (older versions are insecure and shouldn't be used anymore)
    - Add Global Search inside the Admin (all our users are Admins, so this is the most powerful feature for improving workflow - it's must-have)
    - Improved security and stability (the platform must be a TANK)
    - Build a better looking shopping cart theme
  2. Project
    - New Name (maybe TerraCart - as we are using the world map for the admin login page Big Grin )
    - New Website
    - Richer Documentation
  3. Marketplace
    - Concentrate efforts on building powerful commercial extensions, with accessible prices, like the ones I have shortlisted below:
      Multi vendor Multi Seller/supplier Marketplace 
      Advanced Smart Search 
      Admin Key - Secure your admin access 
      Manage Enquiries & Product Questions 
      Advanced Professional Email Template 
      Super Mega Menu V2.4 - opencart module 
    - Cleanup the existing marketplace, as it's a mess right now (has a bunch of old useless extensions and themes)
Concept 2 is not a viable choice, as we can't possibly compete with WordPress, Joomla etc.

PS: The major feature that would kill all competition and instantly promote the project, would be the addition of some sort of Multi Vendor-Merchant extension to the core, for free (like the one suggested above).
There are only 2 possibilities:
1) The authors of these extensions come to OverClocked to publish their work adapted (now I doubt).
2) Someone else adapt these extensions and Opencart people will say "Overclocked steals your extensions like Arastta".
Anyway this will take 1 or 2 years, and in this time Opencart will advance near to v4.0

InnoDB ? There is DB abstraction in the engine for others like Postgres and so.
Why not Aria of MariaDB too ?
(07-24-2018, 01:30 PM)gob33 Wrote: 2) Someone else adapt these extensions and Opencart people will say "Overclocked steals your extensions like Arastta".
Anyway this will take 1 or 2 years, and in this time Opencart will advance near to v4.0

Not necessarily.
Having those examples, we can build entirely new extensions - new name, new code, better performance, same idea. Wink

Everyone does this.

Fact: Ford took apart a Tesla Model S, just to see how it's built, so they could make a better car than that.

So nobody will stop you form taking one idea and build your own stuff based on that idea.
Building similar extensions will take time because they are complex and some passages of source code or the execution sequence will be the same if you want the same functionnalities.

If you want not to copy, it will take time to produce new code and test it, publishing new extensions wont go in a snap.

Legaly speaking, the GPL permits to copy, sell or make free any OC extension in spite of I have read on the OC forum, like you have forked from OC code.

The project need more devs before getting users.
First of all, thank you guys for believing in the OCE project, and thank you for your suggestions and comments.

OCE has reached its goal with v1.11.1, I believe, for being the best OC fork ever.
It is now time to move on and start a new truly original project.

In order to succeed, please correct me if I'm wrong, it will need to have:

- a new project name;
- a new Github repository;
- a bullet-proof code based on PHP 7+;
- a new futuristic, attractive, intuitive and easy to use admin UI;
- a new slick and shiny frontend template;
- an easy to modify and expand architecture for developers;
- a new attractive marketplace;
- a comprehensive documentation;
- a new support forum;

Now, the reality is that this represents a lot of work, and I am the only developer at the moment, ... and I have a full time job to go to as well.

So this might take a while before we publish a first release, especially because the first release will have to be "revolutionary" if we want to generate some interest among users and more importantly, developers. Everything on the list above will have to be ready before a release is published.

Right now things won't change much on the surface for a while because there is a lot of background work to do before getting excited. I have learned a lot in the last few years working on OCE and as you know I can manage most things, but like everybody, I have my limits. I wish people like Pekku and MStoychev could come on board on this new venture and I would be more than happy to add them as collaborators at Github.

My first challenge is going to be to design a new marketplace ...
OpenCart Overclocked Edition Lead developer
(07-25-2018, 02:40 PM)villagedefrance Wrote: It is now time to move on and start a new truly original project.

Are you sure you're willing to invest so much time and effort in building something from scratch?
Are your sure you can keep the spirits up and work mostly alone on something that will take 1+ years to build?

I mean right now, we already have a lot of options like: 
+ many many others.

The above projects have years of development and hundreds of developers behind them.
So what's the point in building something new? Do you really think we can ever compete with those?

Why not invest that time in building an amazing marketplace and some amazing extensions for what we already have.

So I'm keeping my point of view: new name, new website, new GitHub project starting with v1 (which should be a fork of v1.11.1 without OpenBay, plus the core additions I've mentioned in my post above).
Philippe, have you decided what to do next?

Please keep in mind that with or without OpenBay, OpenCart Overclocked v1.11.1 still isn't perfect.
It may still have hidden bugs that we haven't discovered yet and also the code lacks a proper Security Audit done by a specialized team.

The only way for this project to reach perfection (it CAN be done), is for it to power a few dozen stores and have some more users that would test every available feature, on live servers.

I've been following open source e-commerce for close to 7 years and I've noticed something interesting.
First of all, open source software doesn't ever reach a stable state.
That is caused by the same trend that keeps repeating on all projects, a trend that stops them from reaching a truly stable version, and that is: lead developers getting bored of fixing and tweaking stuff.

Let me give you an example:
You see an amazing project, with hundreds of followers and devs, that looks and works nice, but has a issue tracker with a few hundred reports.
You will notice that the issue tracker of that project will never get to 0 or 1 or something under 10.
Because instead of trying to push for something truly stable and fixing everything, the devs get bored of doing that and decide to rewrite the entire code and release a new major version.
By doing this, they fix 1 issue and generate 5 others...

That is the main difference between open source and commercial products.
Generally, on a commercial product, v2 gets released only after v1 is perfect.
Yes, I agree ... and this is one of the reasons why I started Overclocked, because I had to fix the core first in order to make my extensions work.
Some OC bugs where not being corrected even though users provided the fixed code to the owner in PRs.

I know OCE isn't perfect and I already have a few improvements in mind.
We will try to improve the releasing process of new versions, still going through the motions (alpha, beta, release candidate and release). I to believe in stable versions but unless we have a group of testers it is unlikely to be 100%. It should get better when the community grows.

I very much want to publish rock solid stable versions and show that opensource software doesn't have to be buggy.

We will get there.
OpenCart Overclocked Edition Lead developer

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