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Introducing NeoGeoCart
Overclocked Edition's new name will be NeoGeoCart!

Today I secured the domain name "" and created a new repository at Github: NeoGeoCart

I had a short list of possible names, including "TerraCart" (suggested by Tangol), "PolygonCart", "JetStreamCart", "RelativityCart" and "NeoGeoCart".
"TerraCart" was sadly not possible because the .com domain name was already taken.
A .com domain name was however available for the other 4 options. ... So I had to pick one, and I went for NeoGeoCart.

Sorry I didn't ask your opinion on this prior, but short meaningful .com domains are rare nowadays and I didn't want to loose it.

I think "NeoGeoCart" is perfectly suited because it contains the 2 greek words "neo" and "geo" which stand for "new" and "earth" respectively. This makes it a universal name as it does translate similarly in many languages. On top of that it is well balanced with the symmetrically sounding neo - geo, therefore catchy and easy to remember. It is also quite short.

I haven't done any work on the Github repo just yet so there is nothing new there, it is just a copy of OCE v1.11.1 for now.

Regarding the license, I had to go with the GNU GPLv3 again as the OSL v3 doesn't seem to be an option for public Github repositories.

If you have an idea for a good logo design and a favicon for NeoGeoCart, it will be of great help and much appreciated.

As always your comments are welcome.
OpenCart Overclocked Edition Lead developer
One minor suggestion.
Right now, the GitHub repository is 
To give it a more professional look and feel, it should be

Other than that, nice playful choice of words. Big Grin 
I hope people will like it.
I dont like and also not OSL 3.0 that does not require reciprocal licensing on linked works (extensions) like the GPL.
Dont see why Github wont accept OSL ?
NeoGeo was a video game console, why not NitendoCart (or SuperMarionCart) ?
It is world domination without one single live shop.
Sorry but I think NeoGeoCart sounds a bit childish for what is business software. NeoCart sounds short and snappy and the UK domains seem available. The .com one is held by a registry service in Finland, presumably to sell.
Ok, so mostly negative comments then ... accepted.

In fairness I didn't know about the NeoGeo game console, but I should have done some research before going for it.
Thank you Gob33 for mentioning it because some trademarks probably apply to that name, ... although "SuperMarionCart" wasn't really necessary.

Anyway, back to the drawing board.

We need a domain name, and it has to be a .com one in order for the project to stand a chance in the long run.
I don't mind registering another available .com domain name but I can't afford to buy back an existing one.
Sorry Xav but if the "NeoCart" domain is in use, I won't be able to get it, even if I do like it.

Securing a domain is the key for the project to start.

Regarding the license I will try again to get the OSL v3 but I might not be able to.

I am open to suggestions
OpenCart Overclocked Edition Lead developer
How about:
LunaCart + a moon logo, OrionCart, MercuryCart, PhoenixCart, StellarCart, ...
BulletProofCart, SolidCart, GorillaCart
JumboCart, JumboShop

Or try a business name generator on Google.
How about "ForzaCart"?
OpenCart Overclocked Edition Lead developer
Already a XBox game "Forza Cart" typed Ferrari.
I prefer "SolidCart" but not proof if too much bugs inside.
I like best:

ForzaCart is too gimmicky...

The rest of gob33's suggestions are taken.

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