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New Demo data products
Hi guys,

NivoCart is going to need a new set of demo data products as the OC ones are very dated..

I have already some ideas but I don't have enough material to create 30 new demo products.

The "theme" remains the same: electronic, computer, tech, audio, video.

I also would like to add some accessories, like for example replacement earphones for phones, to showcase all NivoCart features.

You can send them to me as an SQL export by attachment below.

If you have the time to do that it will be great and much appreciated, as this will save me a lot of time later.

In advance, thank you.
OpenCart Overclocked Edition Lead developer
I think that you should consider some other area(s) rather than electronics for the demo products, e.g. clothing, tools (both power and manual). This may better show what NivoCart can do and make it attractive to a wider audience.
Sounds good.

I will keep this suggestion in mind.
OpenCart Overclocked Edition Lead developer
This is equivalent to showcase ONE or more live shop(s).
Having the same set of products as OC doesnt disturb a merchant coming from 1.5.x, perhaps a small superset of special cases will kelp.

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