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Discover NivoCart!
Well, it took me longer than anticipated but it is almost done now.

The NivoCart Portal is now Live!
... and the first version of NivoCart is available to download.

This is still a Release Candidate version and it has not been officially released at Github yet.
I only made it available for testing and debugging before the official v1.0.0 Release.
You can, of course, download the Master branch from Github if you prefer (recommended).


- New Installer,
- New Demo Data,
- New Seo Url auto-complete,
- New Roboto font for Admin and Catalog,
- New Blog System Modification (optional),
- New names for content Positions,
- Improved Default Themes,
- Improved Captcha,
- Improved javascripts,
- Latest CKEditor 4.10.1

... yeah, I've been busy [Image: tongue.png] 

At this stage, your help is very much appreciated.

Please test it and raise any issues at Github: nivocart/nivocart

JOIN US at the new FORUM !
OpenCart Overclocked Edition Lead developer

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