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Gibraltar Email List
I swam the fifty yards from the guide boat to the rocky point that was the southern tip of Spain. Gibraltar Email List I placed my hand on the cold rock, without looking up, I turned toward the open sea and began the nine mile swim across the Strait of Gibraltar. On the other side was the northern tip of Morocco, Africa. This is the story of how on September 17, 2007, I became the 175th person and 24th American to cross the Strait of Gibraltar by swimming.

As I planned when I began the swim, I thought about the positives of the swim, I was prepared, I was confident, I was determined. At no time would I allow myself to think about the negatives that could loom large if I were to let them. The water is cold for my standards at 65 degrees Fahrenheit. The water is choppy; four foot swells from the west (the Atlantic) and the ever present Gibraltar wind is about 10 to 15 miles per hour out of the west. There are very big ocean freighters that are moving through the strait, about three hundred per day for which to contend. My Spanish crew understands very little English, and I understand only a little Spanish. My ears are plugged for some extra thermal protection so I wouldn't hear them anyway over the guide boat engine. Finally, I am not twenty or thirty or forty any more, I am 49 and a month from 50 years old.
[Image: Gibraltar-Email-List.png]
I have done other marathon swims including The Great Chesapeake Bay Swim 4.4 miles (10 times), The Swim Around the Island of Key West 12.5 miles, Alcatraz Island to Chrissy Point San Francisco 1.5 miles and The Swim Around Manhattan 28.5 miles (didn't make it all the way around, I stopped at 16 miles). I would love to swim the big prize, The English Channel, but I'm a skinny guy from Cleveland, Ohio, one needs to have some fat tissue for insulation to withstand ten hours in the water at 57 to 60 degree water temperature.

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