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Upgrading OCE

- Backup your database via your store Admin->System->Backup
- Backup your files using FTP file copy or use cPanel filemanager to create a zip of all the existing OpenCart files and folders.

2. Download the latest version of OpenCart Overclocked Edition and upload ALL new files on top of your current install EXCEPT your config.php and admin/config.php. If you are up-to-date with the last recent version and want to find just the new files that have changed since the last version, you can follow this guide to create a smaller changes-only patch. But for most, the full OpenCart Overclocked Edition zip will suffice.

3. Browse to http://<>/install Replacing <> with your actual site (and subdirectory if applicable).

4. You should see the OpenCart Overclocked Edition Upgrade script.
- If you see the OpenCart Overclocked EditionInstall page, then that means you overwrote your config.php files. Restore them from your backup first. Then try again.

5. Click "Upgrade". After a few seconds you should see the upgrade success page.
- If you see any errors, report them immediately in the forum before continuing.

6. Clear any cookies in your browser.

7. Goto the admin side of your store and press Ctrl+F5 a couple of times to refresh your browser cache. That will prevent oddly shifted elements due to stylesheet changes.
Login to your admin as the main administrator.

8. Goto Admin->Users->User Groups and Edit the Top Administrator group. Check All boxes.
- This will ensure you have permissions for all the new files.

9. Goto Admin->System->Settings
- Update any blank fields and click save.
Even if you do not see any new fields, click save anyway to update the database with any new field names.

10. Other Adjustments that may need to be made, depending on which version you are upgrading from and to.

11. Load the store front and again press CTRL+F5 a couple of times to refresh your browser cache. That will prevent oddly shifted elements due to stylesheet.

Note that some of your vQmod scripts may need to be updated for the new core changes.
So run through your site catalog and admin areas and check in FTP for the vqmod/vqmod.log file.
If you see errors, then you will need to address them.

1. If you have any upgrade script errors, post them in the forum
2. If you have 3rd party addon errors, contact the mod author for an update.
3. If you find bugs, check the "official" bug thread for this version of Opencart Overclocked Edition.

Many bugs may have already been reported and fixes will be offered in the first post of this thread.
You should always visit this thread immediately after a fresh upgrade to see if there are any immediate bug fixes
If nobody has reported your bug, then please report it.

That's It!
OpenCart Overclocked Edition Lead developer
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