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Extensions - Discounts

I have a customer who has OC installed and he wants to use a discount extension to be able to add discounts at the product, category levels etc.

There are a number of extensions available for his version, however, I would like to install a new fresh Overclocked Edition, is there a discount extension that will work with OCE?
Pass to NicoCart. There is a discount tab at the product level.
But you can also adapt your OC extension if you know little programming by comparing with some NivoCart PHP / TPL files.
Are there any resources on adapting the OC extension anywhere online btw?
There is only the NivoCart documentation

Just install your Opencart 1.5.x extension as it is inside Nicocart.
Try it to see what errors appear.
Change / adapt your extension code by comparing with already existing source.
You'll find all Opencart functions calls in Nivocart sometimes better written.
Adapt the templates.
There is a discount tab at the product level MyGiftCardSite.

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